Berry appleman & leiden LLP

Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL) is a corporate immigration law firm that provides comprehensive immigration services to businesses. They offer expertise in immigration strategy, compliance, and case management to help organizations navigate the complexities of immigration laws and regulations worldwide. BAL is recognized as one of the leading firms in the field, serving clients across various industries to facilitate global mobility and manage their international workforce.

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Writer / Director / Editor: Tyler Burns
Cinematographer: Wesley Kirk

Writer / Director / Editor: Tyler Burns  •  Cinematographer: Wesley Kirk

Olympic spot

BAL's brand tagline is "Powering Human Achievement." They're leadership came to us to write an ad spot to highlight the work they had done in partnership with the US Olympic Team leading up to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which took place during the height of COVID-19 pandemic. For this specific campaign, we came up with the tagline, “connecting the powerful to what’s possible” to describe the work that BAL did in advising the USOC on various visa entry requirements to other countries amidst a global pandemic.

Writer / Editor: Tyler Burns

Writer / Editor: Tyler Burns

Most Diverse Law Firm

Being involved with foreign internationals on a daily basis, encouraging diversity amongst their workforce and within the world is a top priority for BAL. In 2020 BAL was named the most diverse law firm in the country by industry editorials, and they wanted to create a video showcasing this achievement. We wrote and pitched this ad spot for them using entirely stock footage.